Friday, April 04, 2008

"Popular Dog Names Sound Downright Human"

"Fido and Rover are 'so' yesterday.

When it comes to naming dogs, Americans are opting for names that are downright human. A survey using data from the computers of Veterinary Pet Insurance says the top four male dog names are Max, Buddy, Rocky, and Bailey. For female canines, it's Bella, Molly, Lucy, and Maggie."...


HT: FreeRepublic

I guess I was way a head of the popular curve! In the past 40 or so years I have had the pleasure of the canine company of:

Sid (1959-1974)

Ben (1977-1990)

Douglas (1984-1997)

Steve (1987-2000)

Zeke (2000- present)

Hannah (? - 2008 , And the only female I have ever kept)

Dennis (2006 to present)

The somewhat paranoid, but always loyal Zeke, the Freak

Our resident class clown, Dennis


Blogger Walker said...

Cool info.

Love your dawgs, too.

4/04/2008 12:46 PM  

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