Monday, April 07, 2008

White Trash Blog Housekeeping: Mea Culpa?

Walker has alerted me to a serious problem with this here blog and I have taken the necessary steps to fix it. (I hope!)

Long story short, my email notification for comments twixt Blogger and my email went gaw-flooey recently. Since I rely upon this feature to let me know if ANYONE comments here, I was clueless for a few days. I only check comments via the Blogger dash if I suspect a problem. I had no reason this time to suspect anything...I just figgured y'all thought I suck!

This all relates to the recent changeover of my ISP's webmail to evil Gmail.
Now THAT is a post unto itself. Don't even get me started. Let's just say it's a geekoid nitemare I really don't want to relive anytime soon!

But now all is well. I think.
And again, I deeply apologize to all who cared to leave comments. I'm really sorry. I wasn't ignoring you. I was just blissfully ignorant of a real problem.



Blogger Cookie..... said...

**sniff sniff**....and I thought ya was ignorin the old Cookie... :-(

Glad to hear it was nuthin more than a technical glitch, cause I stop by almost everyday, but don't always leave a comment. Geeze Liz....who in their right mind think yur blog sucked....???

Y'all are a funny, witty, well informed person that has some intellect to back up yur posts....

4/07/2008 2:08 PM  

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