Friday, August 11, 2006

For Once a Legitimate 'FW:' Email ! Spread the Word, Please!

The other day I got an email forwarded to me by the usual suspects. These normally go straight to the trash, since they all just urban ledgends, mis-information and just, well...crap.
This one is the rare exception and I would like everyone who reads this to go check it out yourself and participate. I ran past and it's for realsies. I think this is a marvelous idea and great corporate p.r. This program was unknown to me.

"Let's Say Thanks" is a website featuring patriotic postcard drawings by kids. The sponsor is Xerox. What you do is choose a design, add your sentiments of gratitude and Xerox will send it to any service person in charge! Xerox will cover all the postage. What a nice and simple concept!

They are also still accepting drawings by kids up to age 12 to add to their selection. So if you have kids, grandkids, neighbor kids, neices, nephews and so on, get 'em busy!
Mine have cranked out about half a dozen already to send. This is the most blissful quiet I have enjoyed all summer!


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