Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's Just Screaming : "Fisk me!"

A transcript of A/V Boy's little come to allah rant is now up at Laura Mansfield's site.
Some typos, but hey, that happens with transcriptions.

I'd love to rip this a new one, paragraph by paragraph, but honestly I just don't have the strength. Anyone?

A/V Boy did give a brief history lesson about those who oppose Islam :

"...Indeed, one of the most dedicated and severest enemies of the Muslims was nicknamed Abu Jahel, father of ignorance, What was true for the unbelievers of yesterday holds true for the so-called enlightened unbelievers of our time. I can’t forget the day, as I was praying a prescribed prayer with one of the brothers in a shopping center parking lot in suburban America. A man sped by in his sports utility vehicle shouting from his open window “Worship Jesus, your Lord”.

His gas guzzler, cell phone, and college diploma nothwithstanding, one couldn’t help but be reminded of Abu Jahel in the seventh century, abusing the Prophet while he prayed because he worshipped the God alone, and rejected the other idols of the Arabs. And who cannot see in the desecration of the copies of the Qu’ran, parodying of the prophet, and the torture and humiliation of the Muslims echoes of the crimes and atrocities of Abu Jahel and his followers."

Man, I think I just got me a new login name! Thanks, A/V Boy!

Or maybe we could get a new 'roll going- call it "The League of Abu Jahel".

(OK, so this Abu cat was an idol worshipping Arab...but he thought Mo was a big fat fraud, so that makes him O.K. in my book! Plus, it is hinted that he was kin to the *profit*-that makes it even more delicious. "Yep, I always did say there wurn't sumpin' right wit' dat dare boy!")


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