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This "nobody" from Indiana pretty much expresses my thoughts right now in a post at Free Republic.


"I did my part....

I am just a nobody. An unknown schmuck in a cornfield in Indiana.

I donated as much as I could afford,(and even some I couldn't), to the candidates I thought could make the best use of it.

Yet, I told anyone that would listen why Republicans had to win. I took friends to the poll, and made phone calls to others.

And in our sphere, we didn't do badly. We kept our Statehouse seats, and we had a local candidate that nearly ended the carreer of a leading Racist Democrat Moonbat with little or no help from the national Party.

But that same National Party let us down. They let our sons and daughters doing the fighting down, they let everyone who donated time and money down...

And they did it long before we ever geared up for this election.

We have faced a 24/7 propoganda onslaught from the left since the day the attacks on the Trade center.

Bush has TRIED to lead, but the Radical Left and the Dem Washington Elites refused to allow it. The media pushed LIE AFTER LIE, and we couldn't gain traction.

We allowed the Left and thier willing media allies to drive the Agenda, instead of driving it ourselves through ideas, logic, and a sense of hope.

An idiot behind me in line to vote yesterday was telling the guy in front of me that he was voting Dem because "Bush Lied" about Iraq.

We KNOW this is a LIE, we HAVE THE PROOF that this is a lie, and yet the Dem Media Machine has driven this point home so often that it is now an accepted FACT...

VOTE FRAUD has become a Dem Institutional Right, but it's REPUBLICANS that are acused of "Stolen Elections"..


We have been fighting against a 24/7 propoganda machine for 6 years now, that has been willing to use everything out of the Geobbel's playbook, from hatred and racism, to outright LIES to attack us, regardless of the cost in AMERICAN LIVES it has created, and our leaders in large part have simply failed to respond.

You can't win a "War of Ideas" if yours are not getting out, and our leaders have failed to use the bully pulpit to it's best advatage.

There was no unifying theme, no single idea that we could get behind, and trumpet, that didn't require an eyeglossing explanation of why it was the right thing.

We took for granted that the American sheeple were smart enough to figure it out, when we should have been COUNTER-CAMPAIGNING from the very beginning.

What we need is a MESSAGE...

A single, uniting, easily delivered idea that doesn't take 5 minutes to explain to the average person of why it's good for them....

Reagan had those visions, so have many others.

And we can no longer live in the bubble of assuming the Netroots leads the way, when in reality it's the MASS MEDIA that does..

The Media may be turning to the blogs for Info and opinion, and even breaking news, but THEY still drive the message that gets through to the sheeple.

And they heard it LOUD AND CLEAR this election, even if it was almost entirely a LIE based on leftist hatred.

We MUST take bold stances for the principles we believe, be it the Border, The War on Terror, the Unborn, Taxes, Government, etc, and damn the Lib Media torpedoes.

We MUST Counter-attack every single time a leftist spews a lie, we must hold the media's feet to the fire of TRUTH, and we must hold people accountable for activities that border on TREASON.

Otherwise, we will be saying "Hello, Madam Dictator" in just two short years from today.

As much as I'd like, I simply cannot do it from a cornfield in Indiana, all alone.

It takes NATIONAL LEADERSHIP, and we better find some soon.....

We got DAMNED LUCKY this time.

If we had faced anything even resembling a competent Democratic Party this time, we would be counting these numbers as a massive victory.

Incompetent Democrats have bred Milquetoast Republicans, bland and careful people who easily got smacked with a big stick because of it.

Will we LEARN FROM THIS? Or will we repeat the same mistakes of allowing the left to control the battle of ideas?"


Blogger JR said...

The media was so very successful in taking down the GOP, I wonder who they are going to focus upon next?

The success of the mass media in this election cycle is going to embolden them for future conquests. Are they going to start wars just to cover them and get ratings? Are they going to be the cause of major riots in U.S. cities just to get market share? (oh, wait, they have already done that)

Maybe now that the Dem's are back in power, the media will focus a bit on Kennedy's treason with the Russians and other scandals in the Democrat party.

11/08/2006 2:32 PM  

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