Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We are all soldiers

Dear Senator Harkin,

Yesterday on the floor of the senate you castigated Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen, for not ever serving in the U.S. military saying that he had no right to question anyone's patriotism since he had not served in the armed forces.
Sir, do you realize how broad a brush you have just painted over a large group of American citizens? Do you care?

If military service is now the benchmark for patriotism, then I must confess that I am sadly lacking, being a female who did not choose to serve when I was of age. That was my choice at the time, seeing that opportunities for women in the service in the 1970's was limited. It was my choice, Senator, a value you guys seem to be very eager to uphold, choice.

With that one flippant comment you have just insulted all American children under the age of 18, a good chunk of female senior citizens, the handicapped, and some of the male population, young and old, who, for whatever reason, whether due to family concerns, furthering their education or their own personal reasons they chose not to volunteer for service.
Some of these are you own constituents! Senator Harkin, have you no shame?

You sir, regardless of your military record, are a coward of the most loathsome sort denigrating that group and questioning THEIR loyalty to this country. How dare you play the moral authority card! You disgust me.

Mr. Limbaugh has done more to boost the morale of our military more than any of you crapweasels in congress has ever done...period.
In this war against the Islamic terrorists, all of us- all Americans, young, old, men, women, enlisted or not- are citizen soldiers in this fight for the survival of western civilization.

With no due respect, Senator Harkin, bite my crank.

Have nothing but utter contempt for all of you.



Blogger Fish-2 said...

The weasles have been coming out of their holes over what they think Rush Limbaugh meant or said (though I'm sure none of them have ever listened to him).

Senator Harkin has insulted me with this one. I was never in the service. When I graduated high school mid fifties, we didn't have any hot wars going anywhere. They weren't particularly interested in drafting large numbers. By the time they got the war geared up in Vietnam I had a wife and a couple of kids. I wasn't drafted. I didn't join, but my tax dollars have helped support the miltary and afforded a damned good life for idiots like Harkin.

10/02/2007 8:10 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...


10/03/2007 2:16 AM  

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