Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Shehag in Arkansas Update

(Well, that would depend on the question!)

I said iffen the Lovely County Citizen ran a story about lil' Cindy's visit then I'd post it.

They did. In this Monday's edition.

One of their contributing editors actually got a sit down with her and since, in his words, she would be preaching to the choir there (Eureka Springs is a raging lefty enclave in an otherwise conservative area) he just let her fly with her rants. The Citizen doesn't have a policy concerning improper language in quotes- words like 'shit', 'damn' and even an occasional 'God damn' make it to print on a regular basis in their articles sometimes.
So what did lil' Cindy Lou Who? have to say for herself? Here's some of the more amusing stuff. (With the usual smartypants asides from me.)

Sheehan said she has just recovered from her widely-covered trip to Venezuela, where she spent considerable time with Hugo Chavez, the leftist president who has been a big critic of the Bush administration, calling Bush “the world’s biggest terrorist.” She describes Chavez as “a man with a big heart, who loves his people and wants to see South America united. He’s funny, warm and articulate. The people of Venezuela love Hugo.”
( Yep, just like the people of Cuba love Castro, just like the people of the USSR loved Stalin, just like the people of China loved Mao-blah blah blah.)

“Casey was against the war. We talked about it,” Sheehan said. “He was against George Bush and didn’t want to go to Iraq. He wanted to defend his community and country, not be in an illegal, immoral war.” She believes Casey would tell her “Make his [Bush’s] life as miserable as you can. He’d be proud, saying ‘Go, mom.’”

( It's easy to say stuff like that when the person who you claim to speak for can't defend themselves...cuz, they're, uh, like, dead! I guess we have to just take her word on it...she IS so credible, y'know. )

“A total pacifist now,” Sheehan said she once believed some wars were OK. “Looking back, 99.9 percent of wars can be avoided. But that’s not the goal of those who want to spread corporate colonialism. If we stopped our kids from joining, they wouldn’t be able to do it. In this country, all war is for profit. Our kids are used for cannon fodder to make people rich.”

( Wow...what a blast from the past!!! Cindy's been reading up on her Jane Fonda, The Hanoi Years! I dunno...did anyone get rich off the American Revolution? I missed that part in U.S History.)

“Shit rolls down hill – it’s the only thing we’re going to get from the top,” Sheehan said in closing. “Peace has to come from the bottom up. Stand up to prevent more Casey and Cindy Sheehans. Whatever you can do, just do it.”
( Well, I have to agree with her there in part...the part about preventing more Cindy Sheehans. Christ, one is more than enough!!)

If you's the whole article...but dangit, no photos!

And in a curiously related story, from the same site:

The Carroll County Quorum Court took no action on an agenda item to consider declaring Carroll County a “Patriot Act-free Zone.” Approximately a dozen demonstrators outside the courthouse carried signs calling for the action, and also for the county to defy the federal mandate to use electronic touch-screen voting machines unless the machines can be proven to be tamperproof.
Toldja...a leftyloon hotbed down there.


Blogger Cookie..... said...

Well mam...better you live there than this old Cookie...Y'all would be readin in the local paper bout an anonymous bearded feller in a chefs hat and apron that was sneakin up on...and pourin buckets of shit over the heads of certain newspaper beatin the shit outta em...and the jail time is less also....

5/26/2006 1:48 PM  
Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

Here is an idea for a graphic that might have some use. An unflattering picture of Sheehan (there probably aren't any other kind) with this text:

“I'm a big mouth bloviating moonbat in the Cindy Sheehan Ecosystem.”

Don’t know what it could be used for yet, but something will come to mind.

5/26/2006 10:42 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Silly Lem! Even you oughta know that only Cindy can exist in her ecosystem...there isn't any room for anything else!
; )

5/26/2006 11:05 PM  

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