Thursday, May 25, 2006

We Missed the Casting Call, Dangit!

Wooo Hoo! Lil' ol' Ozark County was host to some big city TV production crew last week...and we missed it! Must have been an 'inside job' cuz we never heard about it until today when I picked up our local weekly paper, and hell's bells, there's a bunch of my younguns classmates and school pals with parts and everything! Shoot. We must have missed the memo. Here's the story.

What the deal was about was a crew in town to film a segment for one of TLC's shows. TLC! That's friggin' global, dude!

Anyhow, the segment deals with the notorious Winrod standoff that took place a few years back and they got some local kids to act the parts of Winrod's grandkids. Other adult locals took roles as Gordon Winrod, his son and others involved in the case. TLC has a series about SWAT teams in the works and this episode will be one of the first of that series to air.
I must admit, the guy they got to be Winrod, don't look anything like him...not one bit. But a few of the kids do resemble some of the grandkids.

So who's Winrod? Oh jeez...where do I start? This raving theologically retarded facist bigot has been a thorn in our side for as long as I have lived here. Even though he's in the joint now he still gets his psycho incomprehensible "newsletter" sent out to every residence in Ozark County on a regular basis...just not as frequent as before. Just got one last week, matter of fact.
Straight to the trash...I would be mortified if my kids ever got a hold of one! The rantings are of someone seriously unhinged; vile, profane...oozing with hate. The Joooooooooooooos are everywhere! By Winrod's definition, a Jew is just about everyone other than him. Oh and by the way, we're all childmolesting, Christian baby's blood drinking, murdering, sodomizing, drunken Jewish hordes, doing Satan's bidding. Just a head's up. C'mon, get with the program!

This dude was so out there, the Anti-Defamation League website has not one page about him, but a whole section, many pages long! Here, go ed'jicate yerself! They also have some excerpts from his newsletters, and believe me, they only printed the least vile ones! Those are bad enough.
Rick Ross's site, dealing with cults also has some stories about Winrod, culled from news reports.

Anyway, I'm thrilled on one hand that our little neck of the woods will be featured on a TV show, but on the other, I wish, for just once Lord, it wasn't about some nutjob cultists or those 'white power' buttholes.


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